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How to change the light holder after buying or renting a home

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Once the process of buying, selling or renting our new home is complete, it is vital that we carry out the change of ownership in the different supply contracts. In this way, we can have control of them, modify the aspects we want and pay the invoices.


Changing the name of the light is a simple and free process that can be done by phone for greater speed.


Next, from Selectra, we indicate all the steps to follow and the different situations that you may face.

How to change the light holder. Documentation and deadline

As we have already mentioned in the introduction, we, as new owners, will have to carry out the management. To do so, we will have to contact the desired electricity company and present the following documentation:


– Our personal data (full name, ID and contact) and an IBAN account number in our name to direct the payment of bills.

– The personal data of the previous owner (full name and ID)

– The CUPS of the electricity that we can find in a previous invoice, specifically in the “Supply Data” section. If we do not have it, we will have to contact the distributor in the area so that they can provide it to us.

– The exact address of the home


In some marketing companies it may also be necessary to present the sales or rental contract to validate the reason for the management.


This procedure will not involve any financial outlay and will come into effect within a period of 2 to 20 days after signing the new contract. During this period the previous owner will receive a final closing invoice in his name.

Available ways to change the light holder in the different marketers

The change of electricity owner can be carried out in person at the offices, online or by telephone, however, the methods available for management will depend on the electricity marketer chosen:



Change of owner with Total Energies – Total Energies customer area – Total Energies toll-free telephone number: 900 907 000

Change of owner with Endesa – Endesa toll-free telephone number: 800 760 909 – In-person offices

Change of owner with Naturgy – Naturgy customer area – Naturgy toll-free telephone number: 900 100 251

Change of owner with Iberdrola – Iberdola customer area – Iberdrola toll-free telephone number: 900 225 235

Change of owner with Repsol – In-person offices – Repsol customer area – Repsol fax: 91 091 14 64

Change the name of the light if the previous owner has unpaid bills

Electricity bills are associated with the electricity supply itself, for this reason, it is necessary that we verify that there are no debts in our new home before taking charge of paying your bills.


It is very important that we do not subrogate the previous contract, but rather that we sign a new electricity contract with another company, to ensure that we are not responsible for a possible debt.


Finally, if the supply is cut off due to non-payment, we will have to open a disconnection file with the distributor in the area. It will be enough for us to provide a copy of the sale or rental contract to validate that the pending invoices belong to the previous occupant, so that he himself is responsible to his electricity company.

What to do if the home does not have electricity

If the home does not have an electricity supply because the previous owner turned it off, it will be necessary to turn on the electricity. This management, if it has a cost and is regulated by the State, therefore, regardless of which distributor corresponds to you or with which company you decide to contract the electricity, you must pay the following fees on the first invoice:


– Extension rights: €17.37 for each kW of power you wish to contract

– Access rights: €19.70 for each kW of power you wish to contract

– Down payment fees: €9.04 per performance


Once all the necessary documentation has been submitted to the electricity supplier, it will send the request to the distributor to verify that all the data is correct and, within a maximum period of 7 working days, the home will have electricity.

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